Miss Syleena

The show is hosted by me, Miss Syleena. I have been reading tarot and practicing British Traditional Wicca for almost 20 years. I started out as a practicing Solitary Wiccan for many years learning the ways of Wicca and Self Dedicated to path.  Then I spent four years practicing and sharing duties of High Priestess with a Dianic Wiccan group called Women of the Goddess.Then I studied with the ATC where I completed a full year and a half of schooling at the Wiccan Seminary education program, which is a recognized theological program here in the state of Washington.  Now, I currently practice with a british traditional coven where I am able to celebrate the Sabbats and Esbats with others. I am a Minister of Universal Life Church and have conducted weddings. Even as a Third Degree High Priestess, I am continually studying The Craft. Currently, I am working on starting my own church here in Washington based on the path of British Traditional Wicca.

All this has lead up to me helping others through magic. I can help you! I read tarot cards, provide spiritual readings, chakra healing sessions using shamanistic techniques, house and business blessings, banishing ghosts or unwanted spirits, weddings/hand-fastings, funerals, Last Rites, Wiccanings and spell packages to be personally created and mailed to you or I can do a spell for you.

I was born in the multicultural city of Seattle. I have been very lucky to grow up in a place where I have always felt free to practice my path, no matter what the path may have been at that time. My hereditary background is very mixed though I am mostly of Norse and American Indian heritage. Both sides of my genealogy share familial and ancestral magic and clairvoyance. Though my mother is a Roman Catholic and my father a Lutheran to Catholic convert, there is no denying the strong pull of clairvoyance that seeped through the gene line and grabbed me. I battled with Christianity all my life and basically rebelled at anything Catholic from the time I was young enough to put up a fight. When I was supposed to have been confirmed to Catholicism at eighteen years of age, I put my foot down. I could in no way go and claim to be something that I was I not. The magic was strong in me! When I was young I had so many occurrences with the other side that it conflicted with the religion of my upbringing. Before I found magic I could astral travel, talk with the dead and my spirit guides, see auras and experienced empathy. There were even instances of relatives visiting me in dreams just days before their death. I knew I had a journey of understanding ahead of me.

From that moment on I walked every religious path and ended up settling in Wicca by the age of twenty-five. I found Gardnerian Wicca to be very comfortable for me. Perhaps with its deep roots in ritualism, I wasn’t too far off from my childhood. Insert smiley face here. At this point I began giving professional tarot readings.

I would say that I am still searching. I think we all are. Here is the thing, the day you close your spiritual window is the day a spiritual door opens. Meaning that just when you think your path has provided all the answers, someone says, “Look over here.” And you have another “aha” moment. They say the best teachers are the ones with the most to learn. This is so true. If you really want to know something, try to teach it to someone else.

One thing I know to be true is that ‘understanding’ is paramount to human existence. All the wars that have been raged since the dawn of time, began with someone who thought God was on his side alone.  My goal with this radio show is not only to have a voice for my path and help others in theirs, but to teach understanding under the principles of Light Workers”.

There are still Witches out there who live in the proverbial broom closet and only let their cat know that they are Wiccans. If this is you, remember there is always a front runner out there in the world making sure religious freedom is being kept so you can run to your 6 week Wheel of the Year ritual and race home to get out of your cloak. My mentor, Pete The Pathfinder Davis made it his mission to have pentacles allowed on the gravestones of our dead pagan military men and women.  I will tell you that he didn’t do it from the broom closet. I’m just saying the next time you realize you can’t be fired because of the basis of your religion, take into account that someone made that law for you by facing the fire (perhaps literally). Nothing changes the minds of Christians (or anyone) if you act like you are scared or ashamed of your own religion. This country was founded on heroes that fought for our civil liberties.

On this show I welcome questions and I also do tarot readings. Mostly, I am a Priestess trying to spread the word of an Earth based, Goddess loving, non- judgemental, and anti-satanic (there is NO Satan in Wicca, for Satan please see Christianity) religion that reveres the powers of earth, air, fire, water, mind, body and soul – like our ancient ancestors before us. I hope to see you on the path to dedication.

Merry Part & Blessed Be ~ Miss Syleena

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